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BAB-TOU is a unisex brand of clothing and accessories.
From Paris, the creator draws inspiration from Africa and the world to create collections full of stories. He mixes his two great passions, cultural diversity and graphic arts:

« Artist in the soul, graphic designer by profession, Gambian in the head, Lebanese of origin and Parisian in the heart, I am Naji, a cocktail of cultures and passions.

Born in Dakar, Senegal, I lived my first eighteen years in the Gambia. African art, fashion, traditions and landscapes mingle with the 10 years of Parisian life that makes the man i am today.

I want to convey, through the brand BAB-TOU, what I learned from this first part of the journey: all cultures adapt to each other, they need it, it’s their strength. What are we without others? »




BAB-TOU is a friend of humans and nature.

This is why the brand has chosen to work with manufacturers who are certified by different labels respecting the working conditions and choosing organic or recycled raw materials.

• The t-shirts, tote bags and sweatshirts are made in Bangladesh with
organic cotton and thanks to the work of respected employees.

• The labels are woven in Portugal and sewn in Nancy in a
social and professional integration workshop.

• The designs are also printed in Nancy, as part of a family business,
young and dynamic.

• The packaging, made in Barcelona, ​​is made of
100% recyclable and biodegradable cardboard.


BAB-TOU is the verlan word for «toubab», a commonly-used French slang!

Originally, «toubab» is used in West Africa (Senegal, Gambia, Mauritania, Guinea, etc ...) to designate anyone with white skin, it usually refers to Europeans.

By extension, it also refers to foreigners in general or to Africans who have adopted a western lifestyle.

In the end, it can be everyone!

Because this term can be debated, the brand is here to prove that diversity, lived in dignity and empathy, is always good.
It’s a hyphen.


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