The full payment must be made when ordering.
At no time can the amounts paid be considered as a deposit or installments.

The customer has the choice to pay for his order:

• By credit card (STRIPE secure service): the customer will indicate the number on the front of his card, the expiration date of his card, the cryptogram on the back of his card (last 3 digits) and the name of the cardholder.

The communication by the customer of his credit card number is worth authorization for BAB-TOU to debit his account for the amount of the items ordered.

• Either by PAYPAL account: the customer will connect directly to his PAYPAL account in order to make the payment.
BAB-TOU retains the property of the article until full payment of the price by the customer.


The website is the subject of a security system through the universal SSL encryption process.

PCI-DSS compliant payments integrate via Stripe Elements or iOS or Android bindings. No sensitive data reaches the servers of the Clients or the agency. This saves time and improves safety.

The credit card number entered is only known to STRIPE and does not pass through the site server